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Meet our membership team!

Here you find the people that make this organization work, all of these members volunteer and work hard to make sure that the GCMP succeeds!

Joshua was elected the first term president of the GCMP. Joshua was raised between Colorado and Nevada, and an ex firefighter and EMT.  His goal is to assure the success of the GCMP.

Stephen Greschel is this terms Vice President, he is also a trained Firefighter. Stephen Greschel has worked with horses most all of his life, He is an active Texas Reenactor focusing on the Texas Independence.

Amy Jones is this terms Treasurer of the GCMP, and has worked with several different horse groups throughout the area. She is crucial to the success of  the posse with her extensive background.


Vice President


Board of Directors


Bonnie Tybie is this terms Secretary, she has loved horses all of her life. You will find here at all the business meetings carrying extra applications, and keeping lots of notes!

Kristi Helton is one of valued members, she is eager to learn! You will always find her at trainings ready to go!

Jen Odell is another one of our valued members, her horsemanship is getting better at a fast rate! You will see Jen Odell at every training helping however she can!

Although he is a “dismounted” member, he is an extremely helpful member of the posse, at events you will find him driving, or helping from the ground. Dismounted members are just as needed as mounted members!


Interested in joining our team? Click on the link above to download our application and bring it by a training! Our meetings/training’s are on Sundays at 2:30PM normally at Runge park in Santa Fe. Like our Facebook page to make sure you are up to date on our training's and events!

GCMP Application

Joshua Tybie

Stephen Graschel

Amy Jones

Bonnie Tybie

Kristi Helton

Jennifer Odell

Jacob Sutton

Libby Stark

Although one of our newest full members, Libby is bringing her 15 years of horse training/riding to the team and will be a valued member of the GCMP!

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