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For all modern conveniences of patrol cars, radios, sirens & tires, It’s hard to beat a good old fashion horse.

The Galveston County Mounted Posse is a civilian based volunteer Non-profit organization  specialized in search & rescue, educating the public, along with working special events. Mounted posses are effective for Search and rescue because members on horse back have a unique view of the terrain, serving as a “observation platform”. In the event a search is needed for evidence or to find a missing person, a mounted posse is ideal for this task because they can rise above the situation, So to speak, and can often locate evidence without disturbing its integrity. Mounted posse and also get into places you cannot in a car.

The Galveston County Mounted Posse bridges the gap between the public and the police. They often use the horses as a community tool, speaking at schools to at risk children and special needs classes. The animals serve as a communication device many times, allowing the children to open up and ask questions, and learn more about our roles in the community and how they can be better citizens. The Galveston County Mounted Posse are also available for parades and other city, county, and state functions.

The troopers and their mounts have undergone hundreds of hours of training for their wide range of specialized duties. Although we and our mounts are not law enforcement, The horses must be able to function as a visual deterrent tool in a crowd and yet be a gentle good willed ambassador while being petted by a small child at a park or school.

Welcome to the Galveston County Mounted Posse!


The “Galveston County Mounted Posse” is a Non-Profit pending 501c organization That includes the “Galveston County Junior Mounted Posse” our mission is to keep the traditions of western culture alive, We also flag for trail rides, focus on equine education at schools, Help with private and public functions, Help with Search and Rescue across the state, We also just plain like to have fun on horses! On Our Junior Side we have a junior drill team, Color Guard, Our Junior members also help us at any event that we may need help on!